Sunday, January 1, 2017

2016 Resolution Check In

1. Make a Capsule Wardrobe -- Not entirely, however I did significantly cull my wardrobe down. I am still on the hunt for those perfect pieces.

2. Get outside more. -- Success. This summer was filled with so many adventures with my Momma. It was absolutely wonderful to get back in to nature and soak up some sunshine!
3. Drink more water. -- … embarrassing... the year started out great but we are no where close to end it with a bang. Fail.

4. Read at least 1 book per month.-- Fail but Success. Lol, what I mean is that I didn't get in 12 books but I did read a whole lot more than previous years so I'm still proud of myself.

5. Drive more, and get out on my own. – Success. I didn't get out on my own as much as I would have liked but I did get back behind the wheel and it felt liberating!

6. Project Life – I've taken my pictures, got the scraps, ready to write the memories I just haven't put them altogether... so another half success. 

7. Go on more dates. – This bums me out a little. Unfortunately we did not get to do this. My man got a new job so we just haven't had the time but we've talked and this is going to be one of our top priorities in the coming year. 

8. See my brother more. – Success. And thank goodness! We welcomed his newest son this year and I am so happy that I've gotten to spend a lot of time bonding with my niece and nephews. 

9. Save for Vacation. – I did save, not as much as I was hoping to, but still I'd call it a success.

10. Budget more efficiently. - Success! I've got this budgeting thing down to a science these days. Really helps ease my mind knowing whats coming in and going out.

Overall I'd say 2016 was pretty successful in my goals. While I could nit pick and say I failed on some I'm choosing not to look at it that way because he wants to start the New Year feeling bummed out, not this girl. Any way, I hope you had a successful and happy 2016! Ready to see what the future holds :) but I'm in no rush, the years pass by too quickly as it is.