Sunday, February 28, 2016

February Favorites

Being snowed in during most of the month gave me a lot of time to play with my makeup stash. I experimented with some of my newest products and also pulled out some of the old.

February Favorites 2016

This is the new product. I have been loving this palette so much. The colors are perfect for everyday simple eyes but I can also get a really pretty/dramatic smokey eye as well. I've just enjoyed playing with this to see all the different looks I can create with this one palette, that is $5!!

As mentioned, I have been snowed in pretty much all month. Stuck inside with the heat on which has really dried out my skin and it just looked dull overall. So I was playing in my makeup stash and pulled this out and really got to looking at the formula in the bottle. It has an almost metallic glow to it. Not too intense or over-the-top by any means and its also not shimmery. It honestly looks like I took a foundation and mixed it in with my all time favorite primer the Loreal Lumi Magic. So I started using this more to give my skin a little pick me up and totally fell back in love. The coverage is light to medium.

I'm lumping both of these together because I've been using them for basically the same reason I just enjoy the color difference. I've been reaching for glosses, again because of all the dryness. Love the way both of these feel, no stickiness whatsoever. I love Tanya Burr for just a wash of a light pinky nude shade and then for a bit more color I use the Sephora. Tanya Burr's range has been re-done and I don't think this same shade is still available but I still totally recommend the formula. 

I'm so longing for warmer weather. I can't wait for Spring so in anticipation I've already been reaching for a very fresh and fruity scent that just gives me those Spring vibes. This has been discontinued from the Avon website but you can still purchase it from amazon.

And that's it. Those are my 5 favorite from the month of February. Let me know what you've been loving this month.