Friday, August 30, 2013

Mascara Junkie: Avon Edition

I love mascara and I am always up for trying the newest one, which is why my mascara collection is a bit out of control. I own all but one of the current Avon mascaras so I thought I'd do a run down of each one. Hopefully this will help you out if your're thinking of buying some mascara from Avon.

For each mascara I will tell you what claims have been made about the product and my thoughts after applying one coat and then a second. Hope this is helpful!

Mega Effects Mascara $10

THE CLAIMS: This is Avon's latest mascara. It adjusts to multiple angles to capture every lash from top to bottom. The unique brush is designed to fit the natural shape of lashes to coat them evenly. They also claim that the brush design will deliver 40% more mascara to the lash. The formula is meant to be clump proof, sweat proof, non-flaking, and non-smudging.

1 COAT: With the first coat I definitely noticed that it lengthened my lashes not dramatically but enough to notice. It coated the lashes well and made them darker but there was no added volume. Application was relatively easy. Personally, I'm not a fan of the brush I found it awkward to use, especially because it is quite tiny. It was not easy to apply on the bottom lash line at all and transferred incredibly bad (just on the lower lash line).

2 COATS: With the second coat I could definitely see the volume that was added. It also lengthened my lashes just a bit more. I didn't find that the product transferred onto the upper eyelid as it did with the bottom. The formula did not clump and went on very smooth. It separated the lashes nicely and fanned them out to give a very full lash effect. It wasn't a one swipe type of deal like they make it out, but it definitely is a great mascara. Just as the claim it does capture every lash from top to bottom.

SuperShock Max Mascara Waterproof $8

THE CLAIMS: This formula is said to give maximum fullness and high gloss lushness instantly. The helix brush is meant to coat lashes to their very tips.

1 COAT: It was a very smooth application with no clumps. It separated the lashes beautifully and made them look fuller. There was no transfer onto the upper eyelid. The wand is very big so I didn't even bother trying to apply to the bottom lashes.

2 COATS: With the second coat there was even more volume added. The lashes were not clumpy at all. Even with the second coat the wand kept the lashes separated.  It definitely coated the lashes all the way to the tips as it was claimed. I would not call the finish "high gloss", that detail really doesn't bother me though. The overall effectiveness of the mascara was spot on. Even though this is a waterproof formula it was not difficult to remove.

SuperExtend Mascara $7

THE CLAIMS: "You're eyes won't believe your lashes", or that's what Avon says regarding this particular mascara. It is supposed to achieve super glamorous lengths in just one step by lengthening lashes 35%. The formula is said to be super smooth, super separating, sleek, super shiny, and have a super sexy finish. That's a lot of super.

1 COAT: After just one coat there is definitely added length. It didn't add volume just length. There was no clumping and although there was no transfer onto the upper eyelid it did on the lower lash line.

2 COATS: With the second coat the only thing added was volume. The wand helped keep the lashes separated. I found the formula to be quiet dry and I wouldn't suggest putting more than two coats as it would start to flake. Again with this formula the finish was not shiny or glossy at all. 

SuperExtend Extreme Mascara $8

THE CLAIMS: This mascara is supposed to give the look of lash extensions. The magnetic fiber formula is made to attract lashes and extend them to extreme new lengths. It is not supposed to clump, smudge, or flake.

1 COAT: The consistency is very watery, the application was smooth with no clumps. The product did transfer onto the skin. I didn't see any added length or volume it simply colored the lashes giving a little definition.

2 COATS: All the second coat did was give me a tiny amount of length and darken the lashes even more. They started to look like spider lashes. The formula did not hold the curl in my lash at all. My lashes were very spiked looking.This was the hardest formula to remove and I did not use the waterproof version.

SuperExtend Infinitize Mascara $8

THE CLAIMS: The triple sphere brush hugs lashes for end to end coverage. The permaset formula wraps lashes with lengthening fibers and curling agents. 24 hour wear, humidity and sweat proof, glob free no clumping formula.

1 COAT: No clumping, separated lashes as well as curled and lengthened. I did not add any thickness. The wand is way too big to use on bottom lashes. There was no transfer onto the eyelid.

2 COATS: Intense volume added with even more length. This mascara gave big dramatic lashes without clumping or needing to curl lashes sperate. Out of the three SuperExtend formulas this one is definitely my favorite.

Super Drama Mascara $8

THE CLAIMS: Super Drama is formulated to give you show stopping lashes with a flair for drama. It's supposed to add volume and length without clumping, smudging, or flaking.

1 COAT: The was definitely added length and volume. The formula is more mousse like than watery. It went on very smooth with no transfer to the eyelid.

2 COATS:  There was a lot of volume added but then the lashes clumped horribly! They turned into spidery lashes it just did not work for me. If you worked with it after putting it on with an eyelash comb to separate the clumps it would be a great mascara for voluminous lashes.

My number one pick out of the Avon mascara range is definitely the SuperShock Max. I just loved the way it separated my lashes giving a false lash effect.  I hope this helped!