Thursday, August 29, 2013

My Polish Picks for Fall

Polish is one of my most beloved beauty products. I don't have perfect nails but I always feel like polish is a great way to express your personality. It's difficult for me to narrow down my top choices for polishes since I have so many, but these are definitely some of my most frequented fall color choices. 

1. Sinful Colors - Let's Meet
I love this color mostly because I love the colors of fall and this just reminds me so much of that golden yellow that the leaves turn right at the beginning. This is a warm and cozy yellow instead of the neon and bright yellow seen a lot in the summer months. 

2. Avon Matte - Violetta
Matte polishes are right on trend for this fall. One of my favorite things about matte polishes is how quickly they dry. I'm sure I'm not alone when I say that waiting for your polish to dry is the worst thing about doing your nails. You can always apply a glossy topcoat over if matte is not your thing, the resulting violet is still gorgeous. When thinking of darker violets I tend to jump right to Halloween, so this is a polish I like to use more in October rather than any other month. 

3. Avon Matte - Grey Cement
As I mentioned matte is right on trend this fall and so is grey. This combo made quiet a few appearances on the runways.

4. Sally Girl - Emerald Green
I love this gorgeous green. I do not know what the exact name of this product is. I picked it up on a whim at Sally's Beauty Supply, I believe it was a dollar. I don't have any other greens quiet like this. It's a very dark emerald/hunter green. In the picture it is only applied with one coat but with two coats it is extremly opaque and the shimmer is gorgeous. 

5. Pure Ice - French Kiss
This color is a fall favorite for the sole reason that I am from Kentucky. Since fall is when all the sports start back I gotta rock the UK blue! aIt actually took me quiet a while to find, what I thought to be, the perfect blue but this is definitely it.