Saturday, September 21, 2013

Demeter Clean Skin Roll On Perfume Oil

Clean Skin
Roll On Perfume Oil 
.29 fl oz $10

Website Description
What's sexier than clean, post bubble-bath skin? A blend of orange, lemon, white rose, bergamot peach and vanilla, make for the perfect shower-fresh scent.

Clean Skin by Demeter is a virtually transparent and delicate fragrance. Smells like the best version of you - just better.

I recieved this in my very first ipsy bag.  At first I really did not like the scent at all.  For me, it was too baby powder smelling if you know what I mean. So I just put it away and honestly just forgot about it. I went through my bathroom cabinet for a good cleaning a couple months back and came across this product. I thought why not give it another go. I put it on before work one morning, just on the pulse points. The scent didn't repulse me on the next round, quiet the opposite I found it really refreshing. As the day wore on, I periodically smelled my wrists to see if the scent was lasting, and sure enough it was. It didn't wear like a heavy fragrance, instead it just really made my skin smell as if I had just stepped out of the shower. Freshly clean skin. Since than it has been a staple in my routine. It's not an obnoxious scent where everyone is the room is going to smell you but more of a close encounter scent. Also, since it is a fresh clean scent it's very easy to layer scents over it. That is with the oil anyway I don't know how that would work with the actual cologne spray. I totally recommend this scent to anyone just wanting a clean scent. I think this would be perfect for school or work. I am going to try out the spray soon and I'll let you know how I get on with that. 

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