Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Fall Essentials

This is just a quick run down of some of my fall essentials.

1.Pearls. I really just think pearls class up any outfit. I especially love to wear them during the holidays.

2. Lip Balm. My lips get super chapped during the colder months especially if there is a lot of chill in the wind. I recently found this little gem of a lip balm and I am obsessed. I am quiet particular about my lip balms I don't like them to 'slippery' and I want to feel like my lips are actually being moisturized, this does that perfectly.

3. Pedi-Peel. Along with my lips, my feet get especially dry and cracked during the colder months. I am not a big wearer of socks, in fact I hate them. I have tried loads of moisturizers and they seem to help a little but my feet are still rough, that was until I discovered Avon's Pedi-Peel. This is amazing it is just a small pad, like a cotton round, that exfoliates and moisturizers your feet. I highly recommend these if your feet get rough at all.

4. Boots. I love boots in the winter, where I'm from we tend to have a lot of rainy days in the fall and its just messy. Boots help keep my feet warm and dry and they're also super cute.

5. Sweaters. Of course, the weather is getting colder so the sleeves need to be longer. I love sweater that you can easily layer over your outfit for the day. I find that during the fall it's often chilly in the morning than becomes rather pleasant during the day and then cold again at night so something like this is easy to pull on and take off with no hassle and again is super cute.

6.Big Handbags. This is just a fashion choice for me. During the summer months I find it way to hot to be carrying around a big ol' bag. I just keep it simple and easy. The fall is when I break out the big boys. I love big bags because I am the type of girl who carries her life in her purse so I just feel complete.

7. Moisturizer. Again with the dryness, it happens on my face as well, especially my cheeks. My face is extra sensitive in the colder months so I have to be selective about which products I use. The Clinique Dramatically  Different Moisturizing Lotion works beautifully. It's not too heavy so it don't clog my pores but it still does a wonderful job at moisturizing my skin.

8. Red Nails. It is just a classic color and makes me feel super classy when I wear it. I love the really dark and rich reds for fall.

9.Warm Scent. The scent Amber Romance from Victoria Secret is my all time favorite fall scent. It is just so warm and rich with its black cherry, crème anglaise, vanilla and sandalwood scents. It is just absolutely lovely and the body spray is surprisingly quiet long lasting.