Tuesday, September 10, 2013

50 Facts About Me

I saw this little tag and it seemed like a fun idea. After seeing other peoples it made me realize a lot of little details about myself so I thought I'd share. 

1. I'm just going to group all the basics together. My name is Christine. I'm 25, 5'2, Kentucky is my home, and I'm a Leo.

2. I am the youngest of 3 and the only girl giving me the family nickname of Baby Girl.

3. My parents had my name picked out long before conceiving my oldest brother.

4. I have two cats. Baddie & Toby

5. I am certified in Phlebotomy, First Aid and CPR. I also have a degree in Computer Graphics.

6. My favorite movie is Hocus Pocus. I can quote it from start to finish. When I was younger and the electricity would go out during the winter I would re-enact the entire movie for my family.

7. My boyfriend and I have been together for over 2 years.

8. I have a fear of being in a car accident. I am a very cautious driver when alone but I get very anxious when people are riding with me. Also, I'm a very nervous passenger and I am always pushing the imaginary brake.

9. I had Saturday school before my first detention.

10. I always check behind closed shower curtains, in my home as well as others.

11. I'd rather go to the lake than the beach.

12. My favorite season in Autumn.

13. I love sweets!

14. The only video game I have ever gotten into is Fable.

15. I am a homebody for sure.

16. I have never been on a plane and don't care if it ever happens.

17. I had my belly button piercing ripped out by a bratty kid. 

18. I have walked the bridge into Canada from N.Y.

19. The Dollar Tree makes me ridiculously happy. It's kind of sad.

20. Archery is my newest hobby.

21. I hate being rushed.

22. Being late or even just the thinking that I'm going to be late makes me physically ill. 

23. Nail polish & stationary are my addictions.

24. I used to collect snow-globes, I had 116. It all started because I got one for my great grandmother for Christmas when I was young. She passed away before I was able to give it to her so I kept it with me. Our house burned down the very next year and my school counselor asked what I missed the most and I said the snow-globe.  That Christmas she bought me a new one. Although I no longer have the rest of the collection that one remains on my night stand.

25. My first job was at a daycare.

26. I have an allergy to tomatoes. Well, I guess you might say it's more of a sensitivity. I can't eat them without getting a mouth full of ulcers. As I've gotten older the sensitivity is even worse to where ketchup yields the same results.

27. I eat foods based on texture. I absolutely can not eat anything that has fruit pieces inside unless they are fresh and I've put them in myself.

28. I have had my skull cracked and my nose broken both caused by my brothers.

29. My first serious relationship started in the 7th grade and lasted through to the end of our senior year.

30. Large crowds make me very anxious, sometimes I just can't handle it and have to leave.

31. I love horror movies. Mostly I think I just love the feeling of being scared.

32. I am really good at putting names to faces.

33. I could take a nap at anytime during the day but when it's actually time for bed I have the hardest time falling asleep.

34. It frustrates me when people talk over each other or the television.

35. I have been attacked by a swarm of bees.

36. In the last 7 months I have become an obsessive flosser since discovering floss picks.

37. I have read the Hunger Games trilogy twice and I have seen the movie 5 times (not counting the theater viewing).

38. I love fresh cherries but hate cherries in a jar.

39. I used to wreck my bicycle on purpose just to get a band-aid.

40. I enjoy drawing but only do it well when I am really sad. I have no idea why.

41. I do a cartwheel every summer just to make sure I still can.

42. I took a photography course in 7th grade when digital cameras took floppy disks.

43. I am a crier. I cry when I'm happy or sad. I cry for other people and during most movies (other than horror).

44. I almost cut my big toe off on an exercise bike. I was watching Family Matters playing on my mom's exercise bike and just calmly said to my mother that my toe hurt. When I looked down the floor was covered in blood.

45. I was banned from watching 'The Craft' by my mom when I was young because she found a notebook where I wrote down all the spells from the movie...

46. I enjoyed pulling my teeth when I was little. I got so excited when my teeth would get loose.

47. I much prefer giving presents to receiving presents. Of course I like to get presents, who doesn't, but making other people happy brings me a lot of joy.

48. Sour patch kids are my favorite candy.

49. I used to run away a lot as a child. I would always leave a note saying why I ran away and exactly where I would be if anyone needed me. 

50. My nickname throughout middle school was Dolly.