Sunday, October 27, 2013

Loreal True Match Lumi Foundation

I have mixed feelings about this foundation. I really wanted this product after seeing everyone using it on YouTube and reading all the reviews. Since I live in a small town with not many places to shop it took forever for me to get my hands on the right shade. I suppose I could have just ordered online but I just didn't want to risk getting the wrong shade. (My shade is N1-2) I ended up purchasing it from Walmart for $10.99.

Lets just start with the packaging. I think its wonderful. It is a glass bottle which, let's be honest, is not the best for a clumsy person like myself but that can be over looked simply because it has a pump! For that reason alone the packaging is a win for me. I hate having to try to pour out the right amount of foundation. I always seem to pour out way too much, so this is just much less of a hassle. I also find I can just keep the packaging itself much cleaner.

Moving on to the formula. The consistency is relatively thin, not watery but not very thick either. I find it gives medium to full coverage. Easy to build up without caking up. It sets beautiful on the skin and does give a luminous finish. It doesn't feel tacky or heavy its just a beautiful formula.

Now before I give you my conclusion I just want to say that I do have several foundations and I don't tend to wear the same one consistently. So over the period of two months I found that I was experiencing some horrible breakouts. It wasn't just small blemishes but the hard nodules that are deep under the skin. You know, those very unpleasant ones that hurt really bad. I don't have particularly sensitive skin so I wanted to see what was causing this problem. I decided to start paying super close attention each time I used makeup, which is at most three times a week for me. As you may have guessed it turns out that this foundation was the cause. :( Which does make me super sad as I really did love the overall look it gave my skin and just the weightless and flawless coverage it gave.

So for my overall opinion on the foundation I would say, unless you have particular sensitive skin, give it a go. I have seen many, many good reviews on the product so it may just be my skins reaction. The product is wonderful and I truly wish I could wear it but it's just not worth the pain.

Hope this was helpful.
What are some of your favorite foundations?