Sunday, July 6, 2014


I have literally just finished watching season 1 of Derek and I felt so compelled to share it with the world I just started writing this post immediately.

If you didn't already know, Derek, is written, directed, and also stars Ricky Gervais. Now I have found that most people either love or hate him, as for me I love him. I think is stand-up is absolutely brilliant and I have found is acting work to be superb as well. If you do know him, which I'm sure you do, you will know he is quiet the comedic actor so that is exactly what I was expecting from Derek, comedy. Turns out I was completely off in that thought.

Derek is more of a drama, with funny parts. It is absolutely incredible. I watched the pilot episode, cried, and immediately knew I would be hooked. For me, if something is so beautifully written and acted that it can make me feel what is happening in the episode and actually bring me to tears, well than that's all I need. Now here I am 3 hours later telling you how amazing it is.

I'm not great at giving a description of movies and such as I just rely on how they make me feel, but I'll give it a go.

Derek (the main character), works in a retirement home and is a caretaker. It is filmed in a documentary/reality show kind of way. What I mean is that you follow the characters through the day but then there are cutaways where the characters are just sat alone talking to the camera crew discussing different topics. Derek is a quirky, loving, honest, and tender man who loves the people around him and goes out of his way to take care of the people in the home. I definitely think it is a must see, especially if you have ever been a care giver yourself, as I have been many times.

I know this post has not done the show justice but I hope you will give it a try.

Thanks for stopping by :)
xo Chrissy