Sunday, July 19, 2015

ipsy July 2015

Here's a look at what I got this month and my first impressions.

"A uniquely formulated crayon that doubles as an eyeliner for thick, precise lines as well as a perfectly-blended eye shadow. The exclusive combination of italian-formulated waxes and pigments allow you to build up the colour, smudge or create bold lines quickly and easily." That's what the pencil says... that's not what it does.This is a very hard pencil I found it very rough to apply to my lids and then it did not blend out easily. I haven't tried this on the water line.

This smells awesome, very summery, and there really is no taste to it. It is very smooth and applies easily to the lips without dragging. Also this product is organic and non-gmo. It seems nice, but nothing too spectacular.

This is a medium pink shade, creamy with no discernible shimmer. It is very smooth on the lips and is pretty opaque. I can easily see this becoming an everyday kind of lipstick for me.

Next up are the two products I am most pleased with.

First is the City Color HD Powder $5.99. The ingredients on this are 100% silica. I love a good setting powder and have my fair share. I don't use them to set my entire face just my under eyes where I have a lot of creasing. I use Nikkie Tutorials' technique for setting the under eye area and I think this powder is going to work great.

Lastly, the Jor'El Parker Classico EDP 8.8 ml Rollerball $21 for this size. I am really not a fan of rollerballs, I much prefer the spray format, however for this scent I'll certainly make an exception. I find the scent is much different after its applied to the skin versus smelling the bottle. In the bottle I get a strong scent of alcohol but once applied it smells more like fresh laundry which is my all time favorite scent. :D I am always looking for candles and house sprays, and perfumes that smell like this. This is going straight into my handbag.

I did get 4 full sized products and one sample size. With just those full sized products alone my bag is worth $66.99! WOW! Even though I'm not thrilled with a few of the products you just can't beat that. I got to try all of this for $10. 

I was really hoping to get the Tarte bronzer in mine but sadly it wasn't. Maybe next time :) Do you subscribe to ipsy? If so, what was in your bag and are you enjoying them?