Thursday, July 23, 2015

L'Oreal Lumi Magic Primer

"Light Infusing Primer"
This is a product I have been eyeing up for ages. It is always out of stock at Walmart which is where I prefer to do my makeup shopping because they have the lowest prices. The only other store in my town that sales makeup is Rite-Aid and they mark the prices up.  Recently I've been learning how to take advantage of the sales and have been able to pick up some great deals. So when Rite-Aid had their latest 40% off L'oreal sale I snatched one up.
I have noticeable pores on either side of my nose that really drive me nuts. I have tried a multitude of primers and although they may work for other things such as longevity or moisture I have never found one that minimizes the look of pores. The very first day I tried this I went out to town with my mom. As usual before heading into the store I opened up my compact to take a peek and was shocked. Literally, "Oh Wow!" were my exact words. My pores were so diminished and my face looked so much smoother I was blown away.
I only use one pump and start at the center of my face smoothing it outwards. The claims of this primer is that its is supposed to be brightening and add luminosity to the skin, basically a highlighter, and I do find it gives a luminous look to the skin. No where does it say anything about pores so that's just a bonus to me. 
In a nut shell, I love this primer!

Have you tried it? Is there a pore filling primer you can recommend?