Monday, August 3, 2015

Lip Monthly July 2015

Another satisfying month :) 

The month the bags retail value is $59.94, the lip monthly subscription price has been raised to $12.95/month for new subscribers but if you are already signed up you will continue to pay the $10. Either way I think it is worth it. All the products I received in this month's bag were full size.

This is a very bright orange red color, not something I would pick out for myself but I think thats the fun in these bags you get to try things you normally wouldn't. This is a very creamy pencil and applies smoothly. The pencil does need to be sharpened as it's not retractable. 

Mica Lip Pot in 9 VELVET ROSE - $14.95 Full Size 
( I could not find a link to this product I think it may be discontinued...)
Very vampy, lol. The packaging says TINTED LIP BALM so that's what I expected this to be like, oh no. This is full on pigment. This stains the lips and your hands and what ever else it may touch. I really like this because it is so long wearing and even at the end of the day your lips still have that berry stained look. No need to reapply throughout the day, this little pot will last a long time. 

Good ol' Milani. This is a very glossy lip but is not sticky. Its smoothing and comfortable on the lips. The sheer pink color is perfect for every day wear. As usual there is a slight vanilla scent to these Milani glosses. 

This is my second time trying this scent, the first was in a Birchbox and I received a .05 spray sample. I did enjoy the scent but used the spray up in like 3 days lol. So I was very excited to receive this roller ball. 

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Are you already subscribed? Did you get the same things?