Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Favorite Youtubers

One of my favorite past times is watching Youtube videos. I started out watching beauty videos, now I also very much enjoy lifestyle videos and vlogs. (Obviously these images do not belong to me, thanks Google Images.)

These are in no particular order. 

Shannon Harris, Shaaanxo

1. Shaaanxo && Shaanxo Vlogs - I love Shannon Harris!! She is so talented with her makeup skills, she had amazing taste in fashion and is overall just pleasing to look at lol. On the flip side of that I also really enjoy watching her vlogs where she is raw and unedited. She goes off on tangents some times which I love. I love it because it shows how real she is, she is just so relateable and I feel like she could be my best friend. Lately she's been daily vlogging and I am absolutely ecstatic about it. 

Louise Pentland, Sprinkle of Glitter
2. Sprinkleofglitter && Sprinkleofchatter - Louise, oh Louise! This woman is my soul mate. She is so hilarious and real. She is a momma and a business woman and is just ahh so amazing. Her daughter is such a little cute and can make me smile with just the cutest little things she says. I love how she really lets her emotions show and talk about her fears and nerves because I experience the exact same things. She really helps me sort of laugh at myself and look at the world in a different light.

Vivianna Does MakeupLily Pebbles
3. ViviannaDoesMakeup - Anna does mostly beauty and fashion videos with the occasional fitness, cooking, and vlog thrown in. She has an amazing variety of content that always keeps me coming back. She really is like a girlfriend that you can just sit down and chat with. While we are here I have to go ahead and mention 4. Lily Pebbles. Of course, the two go hand in hand. They both are like your virtual best friends who's advise you can always rely on. 

Rachel Talbott
5. Rachel Talbott - When I first starting watching Rachel she did mostly beauty videos but now she has evolved more into making lifestyle videos. Which are the reason I love her so much. Her videos are pretty quick but she has really great ideas for home entertaining, diy projects, and other ways to spruce up your home. 

Nicole Guerriero
6. Nicole Guerriero - Again with the makeup skills...oh my gosh!! Besides that, I also really enjoy just listening to her chat. She is so freaking cool, I wish I could be half as cool as her. Gorgeous lady!

Jaclyn Hill
7. Jaclyn Hill - Of course I love her. I will admit she has a BIG personality that at first can be a bit like whoa! But now I love it and accept her for everything she is. She is funny and incredibly knowledgeable about makeup and even skincare. She is another that I trust almost unquestionably in her recommendations. I can't wait for her to come out with her own makeup line, her Morphe brush collection, and her MakeupGeek Collab. (Saving my penny's.)

Casey Holmes
8. Casey Holmes && CaseyHomesVlogs91 - My southern sister! Casey is one of the girls I would most love to meet in person. I think she is funny, has an amazing sense of style, makeup skills on point, and a good representative of a strong southern woman. I have am super envious of her gorgeous locks! I could watch her all day everyday. Again shes like a virtual best friend. 

Emily Noel
9. emilynoel83 & beautybroadcastexpress && BeautyVlogcast - Emily is so smart, she can explain things so thoroughly and comprehensively. I love all the videos she puts out especially her Express channel she does quick but in depth reviews on products galore. Her husband Tyler even does a Friday review on random things. 

Makeup Geek
 10. Makeup Geek - You can't be a makeup junkie like me and not love Marlena. She is such an amazing, inspiring, and talented woman. I love that she has her own brand, which she is very proud of, but still promotes and reviews other brands. Her channel is all encompassing. What one and you'll be sucked in. 

I am subscribed to 100 channels, wow-wee that's a lot. These are just some of the ones who as soon as a see a video pop up in my feed from any of these channels I watch them above all else. 

I'd love to know your favorite channels.