Sunday, August 16, 2015

Target Beauty Box

Woohoo! Another Beauty Box! :) I think I'm a bit obsessed. I love these, you get so many things for such a low price. 

This time the box was $7 + tax. No shipping. The box values at $35, steal! I called my mom immediately after I saw these were available and she was able to snag one this time too. 

If your wondering how to find out when they come out, I follow Nouveau Cheap blog, she always posts when the new box is available. They do sale out VERY quickly so you have to be fast. It's kind of a rush lol. 

So whats in the box!? 

Target Beauty Box July 2015

3D Crest White Whitestrips 1hr Express (1 upper and Lower Strip) Full Size box of 4 treatments is $44.99 making one strip worth $11.25 approx. WOW that's expensive.

Clairol Hair Food Moisture Hair Mask Infused with Honey Apricot Fragrance this is full size and the retail value is $11.99. I am a big fan of the Clairol conditioner that comes in the home hair dye kits so I'm am well excited to give this a go. 

Next is a travel size of Fekkai Soleil Pre-Soleil Hair Mist Invisible Sun Filter. This is meant to be a sun protector, frizz tamer, and shine spray all in one. The full size is 5 fl oz and retails at $19.99, so that makes this bottle worth around $4-ish. 

Another exciting thing, The Super Sizer by Lashblast mascara. I have seen rave reviews about this, and I actually already have one in my collection but hey a backup never hurts. This is of course full size and costs $5.99 

Lastly are two items from Olay, they are the Active Botanicals Moisturizing Toner and Moisturizing Day-Lotion. Both are 0.6fl oz. The full size of each are $14.99 for 5 fl oz., that brings this samples to a whopping value of around $1.50 each. 

Anyway you slice it I totally think these boxes are worth the price for the amount of things you get to try. I'll keep my eyes open for the next round. What about you?