Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Dollar Tree Finds

I love these posts! I'm a sucker for the Dollar Tree and any time there is a good makeup find the hour long drive is well worth it.

Several e.l.f items this round
e.l.f HD Blush in Superstar(bottom right) and Headliner (top right) regular $3 each.
e.l.f Expert Liquid Liner in Coffee reg $2 (center)
e.l.f Shadow Lock Eyelid Primer in Champagne reg $2 (left)
Dollar Tree September 2015

Everything else is Milani
Ultra-fine Liquid Eye Liner Sparkling Turquoise(right) & Emerald Glisten(center) $7.99 each
Color Statement Lip Liner in Brandy $3.49 (left)
Dollar Tree September 2015

Regular Price $29.47!! Dollar Tree price $7!! Thats a $22.47 savings, score!