Saturday, September 5, 2015

Lip Monthly August 2015

I'm a little late on posting this one, I've just had some personal stuff happen last week and to be honest I didn't even feel like getting out of bed. But I am feeling much better now and decided to go ahead an put this one up. :)

I was on the fence about cancelling this subscription because we were going to be having extra expenses. I went to cancel and they had an offer of 20% off your next box, so I though...might as well lol. As it turns out I will be keeping this subscription and can't wait to see what comes in the September bag.

The bag was different this month, the theme was chic. So the bag said Chic Monthly instead of Lip, and it was a super cute light pink. 

Lip Monthly August 2015

Lip Monthly August 2015 Swatches

From left to right. 

First up is the non-lip product of the month. This is the So Susan Light Diffuser illuminator & bronzer duo $18. It smells like chocolate and coconut, it's meant to. Even though this is the full size it is quite small making it difficult to get a brush in to use the bronzer. The highlight is okay, after getting the Jaclyn Hill Becca Highlighter, nothing really compares. I think I'll use these more for eyeshadows. 

Next is the Starlooks Ultra-Matte Longwear Lip Stix in Dragon Fruit. This is a coraly-pink shade. The texture is very smooth, you could wear this as an all over lipstick or liner. It is incredibly creamy and very pigmented. I love the shade I think it will be perfect for spring. The retail price on the full size is $14.

Mirabella Pop Velvet Lip Pencil, $25. I will say this shade is definitely not for me. This is straight up orange. I know some people can rock an orange lip, but not me. This is very pigmented and very creamy. I wouldn't call the finish velvety by any means. Its more of a satin to semi-gloss. It does smear very easy so I would think it would be very high maintenance. 

The last item in the bag is the City Color Lip Butter in the shade Swirl, $3.99. This is just a very sheer pink lip balm, it feels nice on the lips, a little moisturizing. I've already tossed this into my handbag for when I'm on the go. 

And there you have it, the value of this months bag is $60.99!! The subscription is only $12.95, that's a bargain. So if you aren't already subscribed and would like to here's a link,

If you are subscribed did you get the same things??