Sunday, September 6, 2015

Favorite Fall TV

Yay!! I am so beyond excited for Fall TV to start back up. So today I thought I would share a few of my absolute favorite tv shows. 

1. and I do mean #1 is NCIS -- I love me some Mark Harmon! I have seen every single episode, more than one...more than twice. I do miss Zeva and I wish they would bring her back. I'm not a fan of the new girl Bishop, but I love the rest of the cast enough to continue watching. Return Date 9/22

2. BONES! Another show I have watched re-run after re-run of. It just never gets old to me. It has the perfect balance of comedy, drama, and suspense. What more could you want? Last season ended in quiet a dramatic way, I can't wait to see how they pick it back up. Return Date 10/01

3. The Big Bang Theory, is there anyone who doesn't like this show. Sheldon Cooper is hilarious. For me he is the show. I, of course, love all the characters and enjoy watching their individual story lines. I can't wait to see what happens with Sheldon and Amy on this next season. Return Date 9/21

4. Criminal Minds... I love a good creepy show. My favorite episodes are those directed by Matthew Gray Gubler aka Spencer Reid. He sure knows how to make you emotions roll.  I am excited/nervous to see who they bring in to replace Kate (Jennifer Love Hewitt). Return Date 9/30

5. Mom this show is Laugh Out Loud funny. I love Anna Farris, but I find Allison Janney who places Anna's mom really has some zingers. My boyfriend even loves the show and finds it just as funny as me. Now there are also some emotional episodes but they all have that comedy feel. Return Date 11/05

Those are all I'm going to "talk" about. The rest I will just list as there are many more. :) Return dates are in red.

Brooklyn 99 - 9/27

Agents of Shield - 9/29
Supernatural - 10/07
Undateable - 10/09
The Walking Dead - 10/11
American Horror Story - 10/30
Grimm - 10/30
New Girl - This has been renewed but no return date as of yet.
Mike & Molly - Also renewed, scheduled for mid-season return date.
The Mindy Project - 9/15
2 Broke Girls - Same as Mike & Molly. 

What are your favorite shows?