Sunday, October 11, 2015

Fall Favorites

This is a tag that was created on YouTube, but I love the fall and decided to do it. :)

Candle- I don't burn candles in my house just because my cats like to climb around and knock stuff over lol.  I do use a wax warmer and my favorite is definitely the Better Homes and Gardens Wax Cubes in Warm Rustic Woods. This smells like a really warm but fresh men's cologne and for some reason it brings my back to my childhood. It reminds me of trick or treating at this one particular house and I guess this must be what the home smelled like. 

Lip Color- I love a good berry lip in the fall and my first choice is Wet n' Wild's Sugar Plum Fairy 908C. If I wanna bit more drama I like Revlon's Black Cherry 477.

Drink- I am quiet boring when it comes to drinks. On a yearly basis my three drinks are Water, Sweet Tea, and Sprite. But, when the fall rolls around I live for the moment eggnog hits the shelves, YUMM :) Oh, and I do love me a good hot chocolate with mini marshmallows of course.

Blush- Again, I have two. First is the ELF Studio Blush in Mellow Mauve, which is exactly how it sounds a very mauve color with a tiny bit of sheen, no glitter/shimmer. My second is Milani's Romantic Rose 01, which is again appropriately named as it is a very nice dusty rose color. 

Clothing Item- My pea coat :) I had wanted a pea coat for the LOOOONGEST time and two years ago my boyfriends mom got one for me. I love it. It's super cute and really keeps me warm at the same time. 

Movie- HOCUS freakin' POCUS I know everyone says this but like, no. Obsessed is an understatement. I have loved this movie since I was 5, which is when the movie came out. My neighbors had the VHS and I borrowed it all the time. I watched it religiously. I watched it so much that during the winter when the power would go out for days at a time I would re-enact the movie from start to finish for the family, and not miss a single line. This movie is my favorite movie of all time not just fall. 

TV Show- All of my favorite shows come back on in the fall so this is a hard one. I'll name my top 3, NCIS, Criminal Minds, and Bones. 

Thanksgiving Food- Pumpkin Roll, hands down, no questions asked. I look forward to eating my Momma's Pumpkin Roll ALL YEAR LONG! She even makes a small one for me to take home. It is so good. 

Halloween Costume- My favorite Halloween costume was definitely my Elvira look from 2009. It was really the only time in my adulthood I did a full dressed up look.

I would love to hear some of your favorites :)