Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Favorite Fall Fragrances

My favorite scents are definitely the heavier, warmer, more musky scents that come with the fall.

Favorite Fall Scents

My #1 scent for fall is Cherry Vanilla Cologne Spray. Oh. My. Gosh.! This stuff is such a simple fragrance but it is so magical and delicious. It is very warm and sweet but not sickly sweet just the right amount. I first saw this at my local Wal*Mart, gave it a sniff and put it back on the shelf. The scent stuck with me all day and made another trip out specifically to pick it up. This is definitely my signature fall scent and it won't break the bank coming in at a whopping $10.49! 

Next up is the Lady Gaga Fame, this is another warm, musky, sweet scent. Its a bit more complicated in the notes: Atropa belladonnaincense,honeysaffronapricottiger orchid. Personally I get a lot of the honey scent coming through. This lasts all day long with no touch ups.

Lastly is Avon's Outspoken by Fergie. This scent is more of a floral fragrance with notes of iced berry, tuberose, and black leather. It is, in my opinion, a very sexy fragrance. This is also a sentimental one for me as it was my perfume of choice when I first met my love which was in the Fall of 2010. 

And that's it. I would love to know what your favorite fall scents are.