Wednesday, November 4, 2015

How I save on Beauty!

Last week I managed to go out and pick up $46.15 worth of products for $16.63! SCORE! When I get deals such as this I get soo excited its like a rush. So I thought I would share how I save on my beauty purchases. 

How to save on beauty purchases.

I use several different means of compiling coupons. This is where I find the majority of my coupons and I check the website regularly. (they always have a $1 off coupon for cosmetics)
Sunday Newspaper
I also get coupons in my Walmart Box Subscription
And I subscribe to most of the cosmetic companies newsletters and you can get coupons in your inbox. 
Also be sure to look through your magazines, I have found some very good coupons in there. 

TIP #2 - Check the store's sales/advertisements to see who is having the best deals so you can use your coupon on top of the sale. 

TIP #3- Check the stores circulars for store coupons, you can use these in conjunction with manufacturer's coupons. Join their rewards programs if you can as well. I get some really great coupons from Rite Aid almost every time I make a purchase.

I compare all prices to Walmart. Walmart is the most affordable in terms of makeup. So if a store is having a sale before I even considering purchasing I check to see if Walmart carries the same product. If yes, then I check to see if the sale price is lower than Walmart before I make the decision to purchase. 

Below I will show you each item I picked up and the final price after the store sale and then the coupon used. 

Last week Rite Aid had L'Oreal and Almay products at 40% off. This is a great time to dig through your coupons to see just how low you can get those prices.

Loreal Infallible Eye Shadow in Amber Rush
$4.79-$1(manufacturer's coupon)=$3.49 FINAL PRICE 

Almay i-Color Everyday Neutrals for blue eyes 
$5.09-$4(store coupon)=$1.09 FINAL PRICE

After this purchase and using my Plenti points card for the sale, I got 3 more coupons for Almay so I went back for more lol.

Almay i-Color Everyday Neutrals for hazel eyes (I gave this to my Momma.)
$5.09-$3(store coupon)=$2.09 FINAL PRICE

Almay Eye Makeup Remover Liquid (Twin Pack)
$3.77-$2.00(store coupon)=$1.77 FINAL PRICE (that's a whopping $0.88 per bottle)

Next up I made my way to Walmart, no store sales this was all coupons.

Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge
$5.98-$3(manufacturer's coupon)=$2.98 FINAL PRICE
This is a HOT one in my opinion. I will link to the coupon, definitley go and print it out now if you have been wanting to try this or you already love it, like me. 

L'Oreal Heatspray
$3.97-$2(manufacturer's coupon)=$1.97 FINAL PRICE

Eco Tools Mini Essentials Set
$4.94-$2(manufacturer's coupon)=$2.94

Another thing I would like to mention is that if you do shop at Walmart, definitely take advantage of the Savings Catcher, it really works! I personally have only gotten back around $4 so far, but I put that down to me being a savvy shopper lol. My Momma has gotten back almost $50 in 6 months. 

If you drink Coke products then I recommend you also do the My Coke Rewards. One of the rewards is a $10 Walmart e-gift card, that can be printed and used in store... free money. :)

I can't believe it has taken me so long to get in to coupons, but I am all about them now. I do try to get things that I have been wanting and not things just because I have a coupon because I'm not really saving money that way. I hope this tips help you and if you have any more I would love to hear them.