Tuesday, March 15, 2016

W7 Hollywood Bronze & Glow

W7 Hollywood Bronze & Glow

This is quiet clearly meant to be a dupe for the Charlotte Tilbury Filmstar Bronze & Glow palette. I'll just go ahead and put that out there. I knew that full and well before making the purchase, but this cost me less than $10 and the Charlotte Tilbury is $68 which is waaay out of my price range. 

Now, since that's out of the way onto the product. This is a gem! This is my first time trying anything from the brand W7, I had an amazon voucher and was perusing through endless pages when I came across this product. I of course had seen all the ravings about the more expensive version and thought I'd give this ago. 

The bronzer in the palette is so perfect. It's not orange based at all, it actually has a bit of a red tone to it. It is warm-ish but not overly. On my fair skin it warms up the complexion and it can also act a nice subtle contour, 2 for 1, yes please. This is a powder product but the powder is not dusty or chalky. It's very smooth and creamy, blends like a dream. In the pan it does appear shimmery but that doesn't really transfer onto the skin, it just gives a bit of a sheen. 

The highlighter is also not too much, it is absolutely perfect for everyday. It does look a bit dark in the pan but it doesn't come off that way. Its a very nice champagne color with a tiny amount of shimmer but it doesn't come off in a glittery way at all. Again it just gives a gorgeous sheen to the skin that is just so healthy and beautiful. 

I am seriously thinking of picking up another as I never want to be without it again. Have you tried anything else from the W7 line I would love to hear what and how they worked out for you.