Tuesday, April 5, 2016

New Wet N Wild Products

New Wet N Wild Products 2016

I was both excited and nervous to try out the new Wet N Wild products, especially since I already love most everything from the brand anyway. Slowly they have started to trickle into my local drugstores and I've been able to pick some things up. Here's a rundown..

Wet N Wild Fanatic Mascara
This is a tricky one for me. The wand is able to get each lash for a very defined look, it doesn't give a ton of volume but it is very black in pigment so that helps. I love what this does to my lashes, I really do, but there are other aspects of the formula that make me not want to use it. First and I may just be a weirdo but this mascara does not dry completely and it stays tacky on the lashes... that kind of drives me nuts. It is great in that it doesn't flake off through out the day but its just so strange to me. Also because of this strange formula it is a pain in the but if you make a mistake while doing your makeup, like I always do, because you can't just flick it off with a q-tip. So that means I have to be extra careful and patient while applying... It's also not nap proof, lol, it will transfer down under your eyes. Lastly, another plus, is that it is easy to remove. So yeah, I like what it does for my lashes and I'll use this tube for sure but definitely wouldn't purchase again. -- I did try this again after writing up this post, this time I just wore a light foundation with no powder and only used the mascara on my top lashes, not even the bottom, but within the first 2 hours I looked in the mirror and had the dreaded panda eyes. :(

Wet N Wild 1 Step Wonder Gel
This is a big win! I'm the type of person who can paint her nails in the morning and by noon they are already chipped. I'm not even that rough on my hands polish just seems to not adhere. The first shade I purchased was the Peri-wink-le of an Eye shade. It was pretty opaque with one coat but I applied two out of habit and just for good measure. I kept a close eye all day, no chipping. Day 2, no chipping! Day 4, there was still not actual chipping just a slight wear on the tips of my nails which I'm totally okay with. Absolutely loved so I went back for a couple more shades. ;) I picked up the Stay Classy which is a gorgeous mauve and it was also opaque. Pretty Peas, which is a mint green is the only shade I was not happy with. It was more sheer and pretty streaky. But that won't stop me from picking up a few more of the shades. I want Pardon My Peach, Lavender Outloud, Power Outage, Spilled Milk, and Cyantific Method. (Basically all of them lol)

New Wet N Wild Products 2016

Wet N Wild On Edge Long Wearing Eye Pencil
I've got the shade You're the Yin, which is the black. This is a big two thumbs up!! It was pigmented and stayed in my water line ALL DAY! That's all I want. 

New Wet N Wild Products 2016
Left is the new formula Right is the old.

New Wet N Wild Products 2016
Left and Center are new Right is old. 

Wet N Wild Mega Liner 
I do have the original blue version of this which I love, mostly for the color. The new blue is less shimmery and a lot brighter as you can see. These are great for pops of color, they are not water proof though they will last well as long as you aren't rubbing your eyes or anything and I don't find that the liner cracks/crumbles throughout the day. The wands are felt tip, not brushes. I love to use these as pops of color, but I wouldn't reach for them if I knew I was going to have a long day or on a rainy day. 

New Wet N Wild Products 2016
Dulce de Leche

New Wet N Wild Products 2016
Caramel Toffee

Wet N Wild Mega Glo Contouring Palette
This was the very first thing I wanted to try as I had heard great things about it. I had heard that the Dulce De Leche shade was a good contour for fair skin.. unfortunately its still too warm for me. It does make a nice bronzer though. The texture is beautiful and blends easily. The setting/highlighting shade is also not light enough for my skin. Bummer. 

Wet N Wild Photo Focus Setting Spray
A drugstore setting spray for $4.99, count me in. I have tried the ELF setting spray and I don't care for it it leaves my skin feeling a little tacky feeling but this is amazing. The spray it perfect, it doesn't spit out big droplets but isn't super fine that you have to spray a bunch to feel it on the skin. It takes away that powdery look, which is why I love using setting sprays. I can not attest to extending the wear of your makeup as I hardly ever wear makeup for long, long hours and if I do then I'm already reaching for other long wearing products. But, like I said great for taking that powdery look away and helping everything look even more blended on the skin. Will definitely purchase again... and again. 

Last up... for now...

New Wet N Wild Products 2016

New Wet N Wild Products 2016

Wet N Wild Color Icon Blush
I already have Heather Silk and Pearlescent Pink in the old formula, which is great, so I didn't bother picking those up in the new formula. I, instead, picked up Rose Champagne which I had never seen or even heard of before in the old formula. Comparing the new and old formula, to me, the only difference and its just slight is that there is a little bit more of a creamy texture... that all I can detect. Still opaque and blends amazing. 

And that's it. There is still a load of new things that I want to pick up and give a go so I will make a part 2 once I've purchased and tested those out. If you've tried some of the new products what are your favorites?