Wednesday, February 24, 2016

ipsy February Glam Bag

ipsy February Glam Bag 2016

This bag is so freaking cute! Love, love, love the 8-bit design. Even my boyfriend liked it, he's a gamer lol.

The "theme" this month is Pretty In #ipsypink, but I never find that the bags follow the theme of the month.

First let me mention a product that I redeemed points for. That is the Laneige Water Sleeping Mask, this was 250 points. Be sure and check the sizing of the products that you redeem for, I have been very disappointed in the past. This sample is a good, decent size. Definitely will be able to get at least 3 uses out of it, maybe more.(Definitely More) The full size product retails for $24 for 70ml. Sample value approx $6.85 for 20ml.

Onto the products in this months bag. 

Trust Fund Beauty nail polish is I'm Kind of a Big Deal $15 20% off with code IPSY20 thru 3/31/16 - I recently had a big clear out of my nail polishes and surprisingly I actually do not own a color like this. I have bright, dark, and pastel pink but no mid-tone soft pink. This is a beautiful polish, great formula only needed one coat for full opacity and it also dried quickly. Big thumbs up from me. 

Margaret Dabbs London Miniature Crystal Nail File $17.14 - First I'll say this doesn't seem miniature in any way to me. Second, the price of this is ridiculous. lol. I have a crystal nail file from Essie that I have had for several years now and its still going strong. It will last a long time, granted, but that still seems insane to me. Adds good value to the bag I guess...

Seraphine Botanicals Carrot + Rose Hydrating Cream $19 30% off with code IPSY30 thru 3/31/16 - This is another full size product. It says that is can be used on face and body but I have not put it on my face. I have used it on my hands and it does sink in quickly with no residue on the skin and I can actually tell a difference once its on. It is a very thin formula, almost watery. 

Naked Cosmetics Mica Pigment in Sierra Nevada 02 #SN-02 $14.99 30% off with code IPSY thru 3/31/16 - This is described as a champagne, shimmering nude and I would agree. There is definite shimmer in the product, it is a little chunky. I think this would be gorgeous packed on the lid over a glitter glue base to make sure it adheres properly. I couldn't find the size of the product on the website but I pretty sure this is also a full size jar, its 1.5gm

Smashbox Photo Finish Primer Oil .13oz $4 approx. Full Size $42 for 1oz- Even though this is the only actual sample I received I am so beyond excited to try it out. I had never heard of it until I saw I was getting it in my bag and then started searching. I have dry skin and so sometimes I just can't get that luminous, dewy look that I want but I think this is going to be a little miracle worker... at least I'm hoping. 

Overall I would say this month's bag is a total hit! I have tried several other subscription services but I have always been loyal to ipsy, I just love it so much. It is only $10 and the value always equals way more. The value for this month is approx $70, I mean dang that's 7x the price you pay. Even though these are products I would necessarily pick out on my own I think that is the fun part you get to try things that you wouldn't normally. 

If you are interested sign up HERE. That is a referral link that gives me 250 points if you join but of course you can always just go to the website.