Sunday, June 5, 2016

How To Have A Successful Yard Sale

How to have a successful yard sale

I love yard sales and I love having my own. I like the process of it it all, finding new items and the purging the old. I have multiple yard sales through the warmer months and always come out with a decent profit from the day so I want to share my tips with you. 

First and foremost you really need to decide if you are having your sale for a large profit or just to purge while making a little extra cash. If the first is you, then this may not be your post as that is not why I sell. I sell purely to rid myself of things in my home and the profit is just an extra bonus to me. 

1// SMILE, SMILE, SMILE :) Chances are people will not approach you if you look miserable or unhappy. That's just how it is. I know I don't so I don't expect it from people. 

2// Mark prices clearly. There maybe a lot of people who come through your sale and are interested in purchasing but maybe you have other people around and they don't want to bother or maybe they are just shy. If they prices are clearly marked than they'll know if they want it or not.

3// Don't overprice. I can not stand going to a sale where I know that people are just getting rid of things they no longer want/need but are pricing it at nearly full cost. I would rather buy the item full price from a store so I have the option to return should something happen. You will almost never find an item at my sell for more than $5, and that is even a rare sight.

4// Price in 25₵ - 50 increments. It's just easier that way.

5// Don't try to "sell". This may just be a personal preference but it has worked out for me. I am a bit shy myself and nothing will make me walk away faster than someone coming up to me trying to push items on me. Or tell me what they paid for and what a good bargain I'm getting. So I just let my "customers" browse on their own and if they have questions I'll be happy to answer.

6// Don't clutter. Digging through boxes is not what people want to do. Its easier to scan a table or a lawn space where things are laid out and easily seen. The are a few exceptions I make to this one, I will box together (in small boxes mind you) things like makeup, nail polish, movies, books... just things like that. But I never set out a large box just filled with random bits.

7// Hang clothes. If you can of course, I definitely recommend hanging clothes rather than leaving them in bags or boxes. If not maybe at least try to fold them or lay them out in separated piles. Again its just a little easier this way.

8// Have bags. I always make sure to have bags for people as its something I like when other seller's have because I'm normally stopping at more than one sale.

9// Have change. You don't want to miss out on a sell because you don't have change. I have had this happen, normally right after setting up so I'm sure to always have change to start the day with. 

10// Be prepared when/if someone asks you "What will you take for it all?" That one always catches me off guard. I get asked that most often in regards to things like makeup, polish, and jewelry.

11// If it's dirty clean it. At least dust it off a little bit, I just think it makes the items look more appealing especially with home decor.

12// Advertise on social media. I think most communities have these groups now where people sell/trade via Facebook but in my area we also advertise when and where we will be set up.

13// Ask permission. If you're not setting up on your own property be sure you get permission. There is nothing worse than getting everything ready and then someone telling you to leave. (I haven't had that happen to me, but I know others that have.) Also, if someone does allow you to set up be courteous towards their requests/rules. We have a local Volunteer Fire Department that has been so nice to let people set up at their station but lately people have been blocking the fire truck entrance and also the fire hydrant. Due to that, understandably, the fire chief may no longer allow people to set up.

14// Signs. If you are set up somewhere that is off the main road be sure to put out clear signs/directions on how to get to you and the dates.

15// Wear sunscreen!! Obviously.

Again these are the things that work for me and if you have more tips I would love for you to leave them :) Just in case you are wondering profit wise, I have made over $100 in one day with my yard sales, but some days are better than others. I set up yesterday for about 3 hours and my profit was $65 not too shabby. 

Best of luck!