Sunday, June 19, 2016

Peach Problem

Peach Obsession

Ever since I received my Peach Palette it seems like my peach senses have been in overdrive. I'm loving peach eyes, peach cheeks, peach lips, peach nails, give me it all. (Also the smell of the palette really made me want peaches as well, so I got some :) and peach gummi rings.. no regrets) Any way, like I was saying, every time I'm in the makeup isles I'm on the lookout for those peach shades. So my post today is more of a question, what are your favorite products in the peach shade? Drugstore or high-end. I'm really looking to expand my collection because I have found the shade really suits my pale skin tone and also compliments by blue eyes. So please leave your recommendations below :)