Friday, August 5, 2016



I totally regret not getting this sooner. If you don't know what it is this is a subscription offered by Sephora that will give you FREE 2 DAY SHIPPING for a YEAR for ONLY $10!! That is such an amazing deal. I was going to purchase and item that was only $25 the s&h for the order was $5.95 so for $4.05 more I just went ahead and got the subscription. That way when all these Holiday sets start popping up I can pick them up ASAP and won't have to worry about waiting to make a larger order to save overall on shipping. And best is that it is only 2 day shipping! I placed my Sephora order this morning (8/1) at around 11:30am and I just received the email at 4:41pm that my order has already been shipped, like that is insane!

Just some things to remember your order must be placed by 3pm in order to ship same day. If it is later than 3pm it will be processed the next business day. EX: Order before 3pm Monday Deliver y on Wednesday. Order after 3pm Monday Delivery on Thursday.

Update --  It is now 8/3 @  7:00 PM and my order has arrived! I know that time will vary depending on how many orders  the carrier (mine was UPS) has for the day. Tracking showed that it was out for delivery at 8 AM this morning.

Anyway I just wanted to share in case you had not heard of this yet.! Hope you are having an amazing week!