Wednesday, August 17, 2016

What I've Learned from My 20's... so far.

Pine Mountain Kentucky

Happy Birthday to Me! I am 28 years old today and that seems insane. Just two years away from 30. I don't feel like it most days, I still feel like a young'n.. and I suppose to some I still am. But I do remember when 30 was old...  I am so thankful for the past 28 and I do look forward to seeing what the future will bring but today I just wanted to look back on the lessons I've learned through my 20's.
Family! There is always time for family and those family days are my favorite.
It's okay to be selfish.
Alone time is important.
It's okay to not have everything figured out.
It's better to be the one who smiled. I'm not sure where I first read this sentiment but it has resonated with me ever since. I always smile, and say please and thank you.
Heart break does not get easier.
Health is SO SO important! Don't put it off.
Good foods really do make you feel good.
So does exercise.
Friendships need to be nurtured.
Get out of your comfort zone.
Say 'YES' a lot, but be strong enough to say 'NO' too.
Never withhold an apology just for spite.
And don't over apologize.
Try not to complain about things.. either find a way to cope with the situation or change it.
There is no expiration date on goals. This is something else I read somewhere and it has just stuck with me, and on days when I'm feeling down I always remind myself of this.
And to top it all off... Some things are just beyond your control.