Sunday, September 4, 2016

Ipsy August 2016 Glam Bag

Ipsy August Glam Bag 2016

I know this is late... August just got a way from me. 

First of all, this bag is STUNNING! It is by far my absolute favorite design that Jpsy has ever done.
I will say I did say the little sneak peak of the 5 things and one of them is guaranteed to be in your bag. I was really hoping for one of the highlighters, specifically the Ofra, or maybe the Tarteist mascara, but I didn't want the eyeliner... and of course that's what I got. Dang it. I would almost rather not know the sneak peaks so I don't get my hopes up for something I'm not getting...
Anyway on to the bag.. despite the previous statement I am still really happy with this months bag. Ipsy has just been on a roll lately and I'm loving it!
It Hair Care 12-IN-ONE Amazing Leave In Treatment 3.4oz $5.99
I am so taking this on vacation with me (just 2 days to go) It smells amazing and I'm hoping it will help keep my hair in decent condition through all the salt/chlorine/heat damage.
Ipsy August Glam Bag 2016

Ipsy August Glam Bag 2016
Beaute Basics 3 Tone Bronzer .5oz BBIPSY30 30% off any purchase
This is a cute little bronzer. Although it will not work for me because it's a little too orange. I can see how this would make a nice bronzer for a medium skin tone so I'll have to find someone to pass it along to. Also this is not listed on the BeauteBasics website so I don't know if this was made just for Ipsy subscribers or not...?
It cosmetics No-Tug Waterproof Mini Gel Eyeliner .012oz value around $7
I'm very excited to test this out and if it works I'll be buying one for my Aunt for Christmas. The box says it is clinically proven to be waterproof so we shall see.
Beau Gachis Paris Pro Series Applicator Sponge $14 (this come in a duo for $28) beautifulipster25 25% off any purchase These are nice... I still prefer the BeautyBlender personally and these around the same price range so I wouldn't purchase another one but I will get a lot of use out of this one I'm sure.

Ipsy August Glam Bag 2016

Ipsy August Glam Bag 2016
Jelly Pong Pong Cosmetics Neapolitan Palette Full Size $17.95 .11oz ipsy30 30% off any purchase
Really, really pretty little palette. I especially love the 'strawberry' shade. These have great pigmentation, blend easily. Not chalky or gritty, very smooth. The only complaint I have, and I experienced this with another palette from the brand, is that it is so dang hard to open. I always feel like I'm going to break my nail. I know that its good and secure but  it can be a pain.
I also redeemed points last month for the NKD SKN Tinted Tan Mousse with mini mitt. It's a 25 ml bottle. I intend on using this on my legs before vacation, just because they are so blinding white I would like to have a slight color.

My bags value is around $40 so another great deal! If you haven't signed up for Ipsy yet and love trying out new products give it a go you can cancel any time. You can sign up here. And seeing as it is already September, I have already checked the sneak peak and I am already super excited for the next bag as always.