Sunday, October 30, 2016

October Favorites

Haven't done one of these posts in a while, even though they are my absolute favorite to read. I really enjoy favorites that include everything, not just beauty, so that's whats going on today. 

October Favorites

Dr.Jart+ Water Drop Hydrating Moisturizer | This was in my September Play! by Sephora bag and I absolutely love it. It comes out as what you think would be a thick creamy formula but the moment you start to rub this into your skin it feels like it just melts into a water. It absorbs quickly but still leaves a very hydrated feel and look to the skin. The full size is on my shopping list and I have a feeling this will be my holy grail moisturizer. I'll see if it stands the test of winter but so far... perfection.

Clinique Beyond Perfecting Foundation + Concealer | I was going to hold off on putting this in here as I planned to do a full review, but it has definitely been a favorite this entire month. The coverage is fantastic, it blends beautifully on the skin. It doesn't cling to any of my dry patches or emphasize any fine lines or wrinkles. It gives me flawless, even coverage without feeling too heavy or cakey. Its just amazing! I first heard Kandee Johnson talk about this so I had to give it a go, no regrets. Actually I totally regret not getting it sooner.

Treat Marshmallow Cream Lip Scrub | Speaking of Kandee I actually first heard of this brand through her channel as well she raved about the lib balm and how she used it for lots of things. Since the weather is changing my lips are starting to get a little dry and flaky. This is a really easy to use scrub since it is in a tube, no need for fingers. It works really well to exfoliate but the balm left behind also give a little moisture back to the lips as well. Plus it tastes delicious and is organic.

Cherry Vanilla Perfume | This is my all time favorite fall scent. As soon as those leaves start changing and the nights get colder I pull this little gem out. It's just perfect, its sweet but the vanilla makes it warm. At this point it may be just be nostalgia but I absolutely love it.

Trim Tweezers | I went on vacation last month, when I came home I distinctly remember unpacking my tweezers but I could not find them any where. I went the rest of the month trying to make due with the other tweezers I had but they just did not cut it. So I finally went and picked up a new pair. These are just so good and they are only $3. Before I picked these up I was looking at other brands and their tweezers were so dang expensive, I just don't understand. These are amazing, they get even the smallest of hairs. I don't ever want to be without these again. 

Trim Brow Shaper | I have always had a mustache. Luckily its blonde so its never been that noticeable, except in the sun. But the more I've gotten in to makeup the more it really bothers me. Foundation emphasizes it, lip products emphasize it, I just was really bothered by it. So after seeing all about the facial shaving and how it doesn't actually grow back thicker I finally was like okay I'm just going to try it. I was nervous about how quickly it would grow back but its been over a week and I'm not seeing any grow back yet. 

I've really been into fall scents this year, I am usually much more into the fresh scents or the 'manly' scents.. the ones that smell like cologne. This year I've really been into Pumpkin, I know that probably sounds 'typical', but for me..definitely not. 

Mainstays Pumpkin Spice Candle | I picked this up from Walmart for like $3. I've went through 2 this month, it would have been 3 but I was sick for a week and couldn't smell anything so I didn't want to waste it. I was pleasantly surprised by how much scent this kicks off. I have this in my bedroom and it feels the whole room and as soon as I open the door it just makes me feel all warm and cozy. 

Better Homes and Gardens Roasted Coconut Pumpkin Wax Cubes | Again these are from Walmart for $3. I find this to be just a little bit sweeter than the candle. I don't really notice the coconut as much, just a sweet pumpkin. Sometimes I use them in conjunction other times I'll use one or the other. I especially love this scent in my kitchen. Yum!

In September I came across atleeeey on Youtube, immediately I subscribed. She does a ton of colorful bold looks which I find refreshing, I'm so tired of seeing "bronze goddess" looks. Also everyday in the month of October she uploaded a new Halloween tutorial, and everyday I sat waiting to watch it. She is super talented and you can tell she puts a lot of work into her videos and her editing is so cute.

Another gal I've been really loving to watch lately is thataylaa. I discovered her about 3 months ago while looking for pale foundations. Just a little bit after that she did a series called 15 days of foundation where she reviewed a new foundation every day for 15 days (as you might have guessed lol). That then turned into Foundation Fridays, and now shes gearing up for a second round of 15 days of foundation coming in November. If your a pale girl and like me are always on the lookout for an amazing foundation totally go check her out. Also her makeup skills in general are pretty amazing, she can make just about anything work. 


Friend Request I really didn't think I would watch this, mainly due to the name BUT it was really good! I love horror movies but I don't normally get scared, this one had me scared. There were quiet a few jump scares but I don't know something about it just had me on edge the whole way through. I'm no movie expert but if you need something to watch and like scary films, give it a go.

What have you been loving this month? I'm really trying to find new people to watch on Youtube so if you have any suggestions I'd love for you to leave them below. Hope your October was amazing!