Saturday, June 6, 2015

Haul | Dollar Tree featuring Milani

I thought I would share a few of the things that I picked up at the Dollar Tree today :)
Milani Eyeshadow

Exfoliating Bath Gloves - These do feel pretty scratchy so I'm hoping they will work well without hurting.

ChapIce Lip Balm in Watermelon - This is super tiny! I already knew I liked the ChapIce formula so I had to snatch this up, and bonus it tastes pretty sweet too!

Mirror & Tweezers - Thought this would just be super handy to keep in my purse. 

Milani Runway Eyes Eyeshadow in Beach Sand, Girls Luv Pink, and Lily White - I always get excited to see name brands at the Dollar Tree so I just through these in the buggy without giving it a second thought lol. Since getting them home I can say these most definitely need to be used wet other wise they are basically glitters. When wet there are a very metallic shadow with glitter. ;)

Manicure Set - Again, this was just too cute! I thought it would be perfect for either my purse or to keep at my work desk. 

Blue Tack

Poster Tack
Mod Podge - What a find! 

You Having A Baby

You Having A Baby - I am at that stage in my life where I can't wait to be with child, there was no way I could pass this up for just $1.