Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Beach Day Essentials

Happy July!! The sun is hot and the water is cool, time to hit the beach! (or in my case the lake) Today I thought I would share my essentials for a day out in the sun.

SPF! SPF! SPF! Yes, it is that important. I have four different kinds: Face, Eyes, Lips, & Body. I have no desire to tan, increase my risk of skin cancer, or get wrinkles prematurely.

Sunglass, Hat, & Coverup - Extra protection from the sun.
 KNOPPA Flat Sheet
 Home Accents Blue Bicycle Beach Towel
Beach Towel
 Old Navy Women's Classic Flip-Flops

Flip Flops
Water, several bottles. Gotta stay hydrated..
Small First Aid Kit - I'm super clumsy so this is a must, just in case.
Camera - Gotta capture those memories!

Other things you might like to take - Music Player and Portable Speaker, Something to read Book/Magazine

&& Finally, here are the things I like to have for after, this is really just if I have plans to go somewhere after, like dinner or something.
Dry Clothes - of course.
Wet Brush - this is a life saver for my extra long hair.
Leave in Hair Conditioner
Hair Clip/Tie
After Sun Lotion
Body Spray

Hopefully this was helpful if you're trying to decide what to take on your beach day ;)