Friday, November 20, 2015

Benefit Real Cheeky Party, Holiday 2015

The first thing I want to say is if you have never tried Benefit blushes but have wanted to you can not pass on the value of this set. The Benefit Real Cheeky Party set retails for $42. One of the box blushes cost $28 for .28 oz. The blushes in the palette are between .14 oz and .21 oz each, so for those 5 blushes alone the value of this set is approximately $86! Then, on top of that, you get a sample of the Watt's Up! Highlighter, They're Real! Mascara, and They're Real! Push-Up Liner. This is totally worth the price tag. 

How could I pass it up?! I AM, in fact, one of those people who have never tried the Benefit blushes. I especially wanted to try the Hoola bronzer and Rockateur blush, both of which are included in this set. Getting to try the other blushes and the highlighter was just the cherry on top for me. 

Benefit Real Cheeky Party

Benefit Real Cheeky Party

For some reason I expected this to come in a hard cardboard packaging so I was pleasantly surprised when it arrived and was in a tin can with a lid that securely closes over the products. As a newbie to these products, with the exception of the mascara, I can 100% say I am pleased with my purchase. All of the blushes are beautifully pigmented, smooth, and blendable. The Hula bronzer truly is worth all the hype behind it, especially for fair skinned girls. The highlighter is gorgeous, the formula is creamy and smooth and the shimmer is fine but packs a big punch. Also the Push-Up liner was fun to try. From the reviews on that particular product I knew it may be difficult to work with but had a few tips to get the most I could out of it so I look forward to continuing using that. 

Benefit Real Cheeky Party

This holiday set is absolutely amazing and if you don't have any of the products or need to restock or just want back up definitely pick one up. :)

Are there any other holiday sets you've tried you think I should pick up?