Sunday, November 29, 2015

Lip Monthly November 2015

UGGHH!! ... I am of two minds about this months bag. On the one side I am SUPER HAPPY, annoyingly, because on the other I am mad that I have already cancelled. 

I have mentioned in my last two posts about these bags that I just don't like them. The products always seem to be the same and the shades are just unflattering or seem to be shades that have been discontinued. Just nothing I will every actually wear. Also, the bags are always the same, not particularly cute. So I cancelled, I will be getting the December bag as they bill one month in advance.

This months bag is super cute, its pink and white striped with a little lipstick clipart in the corner. Definitely handbag worthy. It is a little smaller than the other bags as well which I like. 

Onto the goodies. I was really surprised and happy with all the products this month. 

Lip Monthly November 2015

Lip Monthly November 2015

Up first is a brand that seems to always be in these bags and that is Mirabella. Now when I first saw the box my immediate reaction was "Again?" But then I opened it up, it is an absolutely gorgeous deep blue based red in a velvet formula. The shade is called RED and it is stunning, and perfect for the upcoming Holidays. Retail is $25

Next is an Ofra Liquid Lipstick in a deep burgundy wine shade, called Mina. Beautiful! These are matte liquid lipstick but they do not dry down completely. It is still long wearing and leaves a stain behind on the lips. The shade again is one that I will wear a lot. Retail $19.90

Then we have another interesting product. This is by Beauty For Real and is a lip gloss. The packaging is great, it is one with the light inside the wand, BUT there is a button on top of the cap where you can turn it on and off. It is not automatic which I think is freaking awesome. There is also a mirror on the side, convenient. The shade is Kiss Me, when first looking at the product I thought it was going to be way to glittery but actually when you apply the product the shimmer isn't all that noticeable. This will be beautiful in the spring and summer. Or just a low key lip kind of day. This one however is not on the website so I'm not sure if the shade has been discontinued... Retail $22

The last product is from ChapStick and is their Day and Night Hydration Lock. I love a good chapstick and can never be disappointed. Since the colder months are upon us I will be giving this a good test. Retail approx. $4 (price varies)

Overall I am thoroughly impressed with this bag. I kind of hope that next months won't be this good so I won't regret my decision to cancel lol. I was getting these bags at $10/month since I was signed up before the price change but now they are $12.95/month... dang it. 

I'm curious to know if you get this bag, are the products the same?