Sunday, December 13, 2015

Capsule Wardrobe Inspiration

Lately, I have be so unimpressed with my wardrobe. I don't have that many clothes to begin with and I know people say that when in reality they have an overflowing closet, that's not the case here. I have a clothing rack that is about halfway full and honestly I don't feel inspired by anything. That makes me really sad. I don't look forward to going out because I don't have anything nice to wear and end up wearing jeans and an a t-shirt. So I have been thinking a lot about re-doing my wardrobe entirely, just chucking it all and starting fresh. In doing so I have been looking for some new inspiration and have seen a lot about the capsule wardrobe idea and I'm thinking that's the route for me. Today I just wanted to share with you some of the capsule wardrobe inspiration I have found on Pinterest. 
 Wardrobe Must Haves from Alexa Dagmar
 The Lovely Laura Life
 The Every Girl
 Live Love Sara

 A Girl Obsessed

Surely I will be able to come up with a new wardrobe that I am super happy and comfortable with. Look out 2016, I'm comin' for ya!