Tuesday, January 26, 2016

The Beauty Lover Tag

Beauty Lover

I saw this post on A Little Does of Makeup and wanted to join in on the fun. 

1. If you could have anyone in the world do your makeup, who would it be?
Jaclyn Hill is an amazing makeup artist and does seem very entertaining but I think I would have to pick Sharon Farrell. She too, seems very lovely and relatable plus we have similar skin tones.

2. What's your top makeup tip?
Definitely the mascara tip, I always make a mess with my mascara but since learning to let it dry before wiping I've never looked back. 

3. What one makeup item could you not live without?
Tinted eyebrow gel. My hair is a lot darker than my eyebrows so they kind of fade into my face and they are long and unruly so definitely a tinted eyebrow gel.

4. What one skincare item could you not live without?
Moisturizer for sure. I have very dry skin and need all the help I can get.

5. What are you worst at when it comes to applying makeup?
Winged liner, ugh! I practice all the time but it never works out. I can manage to do one eye and then who knows what happens with the other. 

6. What's your biggest pet peeve when it comes to beauty?
Wrong color foundation. As a teenager that was one of my biggest fears before going to school in the morning. I would check in the bathroom check outside in the daylight and ask everyone in my family until they were completely annoyed. 

7. What's your favorite makeup era?
Definitely the 50's, pale skin, minimal eyeshadow, lots of mascara, soft liner, rosy cheeks, red/pink lips. That's my go to look. 

8. What's your guilty pleasure product?
Glitter, I flippin' love it. I don't use it all the time but on those special occasions you can bet I'll be whipping it out. 

9. What's your underdog product?
Hmm.. I guess for me it would have to be my Pixi Ultimate Beauty Kit 2nd Edition Cool and Warm palette. I purchased this early 2015 it was on sale and I had a coupon so I just went for it. So glad I did it has a variety of colors, it has mattes, shimmers, satins, and even a couple of glittery shades. It also has highlighters and blushes 12 in total. Very travel friendly its a trifold booklet style I just love it and have gotten so much use out of it.

10. What's your favorite makeup product of 2015?
My favorite this year was definitely the Covergirl Clump Crusher Waterproof Mascara. There were many tears in 2015 and this took me through all of them. See the rest of my 2015 favorites HERE.

I would love to know some of your answers or if you do the tag leave a link :)