Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Rimmel Lasting Finish Foundation

Rimmel Lasting Finish Foundation

I had high hopes for this foundation after trying the Rimmel Match Perfection Foundation recently and absolutely loving it. This one... not so much.

Right on the front of this bottle it claims to be full coverage, I disagree. I think it can be built up to a full coverage but at a price, it definitely looks cakey and mask-like at that level. Another thing I am not so fond of is that it takes a while to set and stop feeling tacky on the skin, well face because it stays feeling tacky on my neck all day. I despise that in a foundation, personal preference. The feel of the foundation on the skin isn't heavy but still feels like your wearing makeup, if that makes sense. Like it not unforgettable on the skin. 

I prefer application with a Beauty Blender. It helps with the dry look the foundation has when first applied. It definitely wears better the longer its on the skin. This didn't accentuate any of the pores on my face but it did the fine lines and wrinkles, specifically the ones on my forehead which I never have problems with. I didn't settle into them exactly but it still made them stand out. 

Another claim is that this is transfer proof, to that I can agree. When I first tried this out I was wearing a dark grey hoodie and there was no transfer around the collar and I even specifically touched my face with the sleeve to test and there was nothing. I also tried the same with a dark navy shirt and again no transfer. 

I did wear this on Easter, it was pretty warm and the foundation lasted great throughout the day and like I mentioned earlier it seems to wear better as the day goes on. With that being said, I think I will save this for warmer days when my skin isn't dry and I want a long lasting formula. But this is definitely not an "everyday" foundation for me. 

...UPDATE... before posting this I had taken some pictures of the foundation like I did in my last foundation review but my boyfriend looked at them and said that my skin looked old :( He said that it showed my fine lines and wrinkles that weren't there normally. So I definitely won't be wearing this unless my skin is super moisturized or if its a really hot day.