Tuesday, December 13, 2016

November Favorites

Of course my top favorite of the month was Thanksgiving! I love the Holiday season! Not for the food or the shopping, but just for the atmosphere and family. I love my family and spending time with them so any chance we get to all be together I am all in. This year was just an amazing fun filled time with laughter and love. I also personally tried my hand at a few recipes and although they failed... one quite miserably, my family was still supportive and laughed about it.
Onto the rest of last months favorites.

Chrissy Doll November Favorites 2016
Christmas Mugs – I have a little collection of Christmas mugs and every year that I pull them out it just makes me so incredibly happy. My first cup of hot cocoa in one of these festive mugs just kicks the season off for me perfectly. My latest purchase was this adorable reindeer mug that I picked up at the Family Dollar for $2.
Santa's Magical Stories DVD – I always loved watching the Christmas specials on ABC Family, however I have not actually had television in several years. So I have missed these little Christmas specials and when I saw this at Walmart I immediately picked it up. Again, they just put me in the Christmas season.

Chrissy Doll November Favorites 2016

Clear Shampoo and Conditioner – 100% this is my favorite because of the scent it leaves in my hair. It is so nice and it lasts in my hair until I wash it. While I haven't noticed a spectacular difference in my hair, its just kind of a normal shampoo and conditioner I will definitely repurchase because I love how it makes my hair smell.
Milani Lip Oil – I've had this for a while, I really liked it when I first purchased it but somehow I managed to put it up and basically forgot about it. I went through my collection recently and pulled it back out. It now lives on my night stand and I apply it every night. It is not sticky but stays on my lips and gives them a boost of hydration that I definitely need through these colder months.
NYX Pro Foundation Mixer in White - This is my first ever white mixer and I am so pleased. The combination of being pale and loving drug store makeup does not always go hand in hand. Even in the more expensive shades it is still hard to come across foundations that are pale enough. I have been mixing this with different foundations and it doesn't effect the formula or coverage it just lightens the shade. Perfection! I am mad at myself for waiting so long to purchase!
doucce Freematic Blush in Zen Orange - I received this product in my November ipsy bag and I've been using it so much. Its a beautiful peach shade that goes with almost every look. Its not too OTT, blends out beautifully. I just love it. 
Avon Naturals Sugar Plum & Vanilla Body Spray – This smells so good! It smells like sweet berries. Its not overly sweet to where it is kind of sickly. I find its the perfect balance between sweet and yet fresh. It does last a while when you spray it on your clothes, but it is of course just a body spray and not a perfume. But Avon is so inexpensive I don't mind just spritzing away. If they ever came out with this EXACT scent in a perfume I would totally purchase it. 

November Favorites

Walmart Brush Set – I threw away the packaging and don't remember the brand name, so sorry. However if you see them I'm sure they will catch your eye, these were $19.88 I believe I mentioned how pretty they were to my boyfriend and he picked them up for me. The are actually pretty good quality as well. The eye brushes are not much to write home about, I mean they get the job done and there is a nice blending brush. But the face brushes are so soft its incredible. There is a big fluffy brush that I've been using for an all over finishing brush. A flat top brush that I use to apply powder foundation if I'm looking for a little more coverage. The other two are perfect for contour, blush/bronzer. 

My YouTube favorites from November
BaileySarian | Love this chick! She just seems so cool to me. I just want to hang out with her and be her BFF lol. She's so down to earth not overly professional, she is a professional makeup artist but you know what I mean. Her makeup looks are bomb! She's really chill and relaxed and I think shes really funny. I just really enjoy her whole vibe.
JamieGenevieve | Her makeup skills are amazing, honestly top notch. She is another professional makeup artist. But to be totally honest the main reason I watch her videos is because I love listening to her talk. She has a Scottish accent that I just swoon over.
Thataylaa | I mentioned her last month but I just wanted to shout her out again because she just did a round two of 15 Days of Foundation. That is where she does a first impression review of 15 different foundations. Then at the end she gives herself a couple weeks to test them again with different primers/powders/etc, and then she comes back and does a wrap up video ranking them. Her videos are amazing if you are in to foundation and especially if you are a pale girl looking for recommendations based on shade selections check her out.